Drinking game for 2-4 players

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Brew Dice is a fast and furious game in which 2-4 players roll their dice simultaneously in a race to be the first to match their dice facings with three elements appearing on a card.

All players simultaneously roll their dice and quickly set aside the die or dice that matches the beer (bottle, glass or can), the snack (popcorn, peanuts or pretzels) or the coaster (round, square or star) on the card. They then reroll the die or dice that did not match the image on the card. As soon as a player obtains a match with their three dice with the beer, the snack and the coaster that appear on the card, they quickly grab it, show their match to the other players and collect the card. The winner flips over the next card, and the game continues.

The game ends when a player has collected five cards.

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