Brain feeling groggy? Looking to sharpen your noggin? Look no further!

We aim to improve the cognitive health of our community by providing stimulating games, events, and more.

Brain Games, Puzzles, & BooksBrain Games at Dr. G's BrainWorks

We have thousands of different games, books, and puzzles for all ages. Whether you’re shopping for babies, grandparents, teenagers, toddlers, or yourself, you’ll find plenty of fun at Dr. G’s BrainWorks.

Our store is divided into sections based on cognitive benefits. Games that promote Critical Thinking are grouped together, as well as games promoting Language, Sensory & Perception Skills, Early Childhood Development, Science & Engineering, and much more.

Come down to our store in Market Place Mall in Champaign, IL to browse everything we have!

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Private Parties For Birthdays, School Events, & More

There’s no party like a brain game party.

We love throwing parties and events, whether that’s for your youngster’s birthday or a corporate enrichment program.

We love these events because it gives us a chance to show you our favorite games in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Our Brain Guides are experts at guiding you quickly but thoroughly through each brain game so you get the most fun and cognitive engagement out of every minute of your event.

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8-Week ChessWorks Course For Beginner & Intermediate Chess Players

Chess: the world’s most prolific and ancient brain game. Chess is a game shown to have so many cognitive benefits that not only did we write an article about it, but we began Dr. G’s ChessWorks, a Chess instructional program for all ages. Beginning players as well as intermediate players are encouraged to sign up for our 8-Week classes taking place this spring on Thursday and Fridays. Click the button below for details!

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