Locally owned and operated in Champaign-Urbana, Dr. G’s BrainWorks offers games and puzzles for the whole family: including science kits, books, and more.

But we’re way more than just a game store. We hold events, parties, and classes all the time! Check out our Events and What We Offer page for more info.

Meet Our Team

Bill & Phyllis Gingold

Phyllis GingoldBill and Phyllis are the co-owners of Dr. G’s BrainWorks, drawing from their passion for wellness and the community to build this store from scratch.

As a psychologist, gerontologist, and certified senior advisor, Bill has worked in wellness-related fields for over fifty years. Phyllis has a similarly impressive background with two Master’s degrees in education and healthcare administration as well as National Board Certification.

Dr. Gingold continues to be a Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of Family Medicine Research and Aging Services at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign College of Medicine.

Dr. G’s National Advisory Board

  • Cori Brito, PhD, Research Psychologist
  • Steven Fox, D.O., Physician
  • Peter Geibe, PhD, Professor, Business Management
  • Susan Geibe, MBA, Educator and Marketing Specialist
  • Cynthia Germain, MBA, Training/Education
  • Tamra Gingold, MA, M.Ed., Educator
  • Assege Haile Maraam, PhD, Professor, Educational Psychologist
  • Beverly Mathews, PhD, Neuropsychologist
  • Pam McFarlane, PhD, Kinesiologist
  • Shara Meisinger, MILR, Human Resources
  • Elainea Osterbur, PhD, Community Health
  • Sam Rest, PhD, Neuropsychologist

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