Frequently Asked Questions

First off, who can I speak with about ChessWorks?
You can call (217) 355-0093 to contact our Market Place Mall location, or you may email us at We will contact you back as soon as possible!
What in the world is Dr. G’s ChessWorks?
Dr. G’s ChessWorks is a collection of offerings from Dr. G’s focused on the oldest and most highly-revered brain game in the world, Chess!

So, what exactly are these offerings?

Go to our Class Information page to learn more about each session.

Anyone over the age of 7 can sign up!

For purposes of registration, we’ll recognize and instruct two sets of player skill level.

  • Beginners: Learn how to set up the board and move the pieces, how to capture, how to read and write algebraic chess notation, opening principles, elementary tactics & strategy, how to checkmate.
  • Intermediate: Learn opening principles, space, time, positional play, tactics & combinations, strategy, how to analyze a position, opening repertoire.

If you feel like you can teach someone all of the above, this class is not for you. Otherwise, we’d love to have you on!

What’s so great about Chess?

Chess, more than any other game, has been studied and proven by psychologists and neuroscientists to

  • Benefit children’s brains with a bunch more benefits
  • Attention
  • Problem solving
  • Consequence
  • Etc.

You can read a full workup on all the cognitive benefits of Chess here.


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