Looking for the latest games? Looking for challenges of all difficulty levels? Looking to find a tool to help develop memory skills, motor functions or more? Dr. G’s Brainworks is the place to be!

We aim to improve the cognitive health of our community by providing stimulating games, events, and more. We believe that mental and physical wellness can be improved through engaging with people, games and in many different contexts.

Brain Games, Puzzles, & Books

We have thousands of different games, books, and puzzles for all ages. Whether you’re shopping for babies, grandparents, teenagers, toddlers, or yourself, you’ll find plenty of fun at Dr. G’s BrainWorks.

Our store is divided into sections based on cognitive benefits. Games that promote Critical Thinking are grouped together, with popular titles such as Catan, Ticket to Ride, and Codenames.

We also have games and activities focused on Sensory Motor skills, Attention, Problem Solving, Early Childhood Development, Math, Memory and Science/STEM subjects.

Come down to our store in Market Place Mall in Champaign, IL to browse everything we have! We have an online catalog coming soon, so you can browse on our website from your computers or mobile devices.

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Chess Classes for All Skill Levels

Dr. G’s Chessworks is a program to bring the sport of chess to children or adults of any skill level, outside of available chess programs or clubs at local schools and libraries. The Champaign-Urbana area has a thriving chess community and we are glad to be a part of it!

We wrote an article on the cognitive benefits of playing chess as well!

We offer three levels of chess classes:

  • Beginner – good for newcomers or those with minimal experience.
  • Intermediate – good for those who want to learn strategies and play at a higher level.
  • Advanced – good for those who want a challenge and love to compete in tournaments.

Our 8-week classes are designed around different schedules depending on the season and day of the week. For more details on our chess classes, please click below.

Private Parties and Events

There’s no party like a brain game party.

We love throwing parties and events, whether that’s for your child’s birthday or a corporate enrichment program.

We love these events because it gives us a chance to show you our favorite games in a fun, engaging atmosphere. Our Brain Guides are experts at guiding you quickly, but thoroughly, through each game so you get the most fun and cognitive engagement out of every minute of your event.

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Dr. G’s Brainworks is committed to the mission of promoting physical and mental wellness. We are more than happy to donate games or gift cards to school events, non-profits and other or fundraisers if you meet the necessary criteria.

Please contact john@drgsbrainworks.com for any donation requests with the subject line “Donation Request for -insert fundraiser/organization here-“.